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7 Days a Week: Daily Habits for Peace

by: Deepak Chopra, M.D. The balance of peace in the world can seem overwhelming, as if huge forces outside your control are in charge. But you can take a different perspective by setting the goal for yourself ofcreating peace all

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The Path of Truth

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Mantra Monday #13

Today is a New day. It’s the start of your Greatest week Ever. Every moment there is a new breath taken, a new thought, new actions, a new step to the best future yet! Give this day all of your

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Mantra Monday #12

“Whatever your past has been you have a spotless future” So take on this opportunity to begin a new week and motivate your desire to maximize every morsel of potential that exists inside of your soul. Bring your visions to

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Mantra Monday #11

Enjoy every nanosecond of every moment every day being you! Xoxo

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Mantra Monday #10

There is no one in the entire world who is as awesome as You!! Make it another best week ever!! 

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Mantra Monday #9

Begin the week empowered, focus on the desired outcome, and remain confident in your choices. Make it the best week ever!! Xoxo 

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Mantra Monday #8

If you were to take this opportunity to fill in the Post-It and then add 10 more affirmations to it, what would you say? Have the Greatest Monday ever and repeat everyday this week!! 

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Jump “UP” Start 2013

Are you looking to create and design your resolutions/goals/ dreams for the new year and are unsure of how to begin? Check out Mastin’s list for inspiration to get started. Grab a pen and paper and write everything you wish

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Happy Mantra Monday #6!

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