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23 Types of Meditation

Are you interested in learning about meditation, how to meditate, and perhaps you are curious to discover which meditation practice may suit you best? Recognize that there is no right or wrong way to meditate and there are many extraordinary

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The Path of Truth

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Dear Universe

Thank you for the sunshine that lights our days to see. Thank you for the sweet sound of the birds that remind us of the wings we have to fly. Thank you for the the fragrant scents of the earth

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Good Grief

Happy Thanksgiving. You all know this page is based around Love, optimism, and all things good. It was a must to share the experience of Grief because I didn’t realize how powerful that emotion was. As an optimist though, there

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My absence on Facebook and other social media has been due to a loss of someone very special and close to me. I have never felt such heartache in my life. If you have never grieved before, it feels as

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Mantra Monday #7

HAPPY MANTRA MONDAY #7 ~ Take a moment everyday for the next 7 days to recite this mantra to yourself.  ”Be Peace! Be Joy! Be Strength! Be Wisdom! Be Creative! Be Inspiration! Be a Delight! Be a helping hand! Be

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How to develop meaningful relationships

Are you in a relationship, looking for a relationship, or considering it? Check out this site and learn how to mend relationships and create meaningful ones.

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ONE time ONE date ONE moment ONE life

How far would you like to go down the rabbit hole on this special date? Our suggestion for absolute fun of course would be to take it to the nth degree; like the first letter (n) of November. Appropriately designed

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Happy Reflective 9/4 Day Meditation

Did you know that today is one of the most special days on the planet created for everyone to reflect upon their soul and spirit? For those of you who do not know, today happens to be the reflection of

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Becoming Infinity

A quirky random thought of the day by sharing the fun with today’s numbers. TEN: the numerology of today (which we all know breaks down to number 1, but we will leave it at 10 just for today); TEN: the

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